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Congratulations on taking this journey together!! Now that you have set your date and possibly have chosen your colors and bridal party, it's time to hire a wedding planner/designer/coordinator. Our team of wedding experts will help to lower the stress of getting married and design a phenomenal wedding that works for you.

Event Staffing & Vendors

Hiring extra people for your event will allow your employees, family members and guests to enjoy the event.  Bartenders, chefs, wait staff, hosts, greeters, set-up/clean-up crew, Officiants, DJs, photographers and more are available.

Linen Rentals

The color scheme has been decided and now it's time to showcase those colors!  We have swatches of  many colors and fabrics for to choose from.  Already know the type of fabric you desire? Our seamstress will handle it from that point.  Tables and chairs are available for rent.


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If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, please complete the "Get In Touch" section and an appointment will be scheduled for a one-on-one in-person consultation or web cam in American Sign Language.

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